Sunday, April 15, 2007

Center Console

Center Console is a type of single decorated open hull boat where the console of the boat is in the center of the boat, there is no cabin and the boat deck environs the console so that a person on the boat can walk all approximately the boat from stern to bow with ease. The comfort of a boat is where all the controls are including routing, explosion, trim control, radio and other electronic devices, switches etc. the console may have a small storage space which can contain a head. In universal there is no weather protection or berths so is not good for cruising. The console may have a Top cover to provide limited relief from the sun and rain but some fishermen do not like it because it interferes with casting. Most center consoles are motorized by outboard motors.
A Center Console boat is popular with spare time fishermen as they can fight fish with ease and walk around the boat while doing so. Because of the large deck space, it is a good efficacy boat and also established as small boat on a large ship.
Center console boats may variety in length from 15 feet to about 45 feet.

Monday, April 02, 2007


A bareboat charter is an agreement for the hiring of a boat, whereby no crew or provisions are incorporated as party of the agreement; instead, the people who rent the boat from the owner are in charge for taking care of such things.
There are legal difference between a bareboat agreement and other types of charter arrangement, such as crewed or luxury yacht charter, commonly called time or voyage charters. In a voyage or time charter the charters the ship (or part of it) for an exacting voyage or for a set period of time. In these charters the chartered can direct where the ship will go but the owner of the ship retains ownership of the ship through its employment of the master and crew. In a bare-boat or termination charter, on the other hand, the owner gives possession of the ship to the charterer and the charterer hires its own master and crew. The bare-boat charterer is sometimes called a "discontent owner". The giving up of possession of the ship by the owner is the important characteristic of a bare-boat or demise charter.