Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A Business Plan
The following production plan has been formulated to obtain $200,000 in capital to launch a coffeehouse on the college grounds of Doane College named The Orange Cup. This arrangement will also serve as a formal sketch for the first five year's of operation. The financial forecasts show that this asset has significant pledge for the future.
The Orange Cup will provide for the Doane College Community a comfortable atmosphere while serve quality coffee at a reasonably priced with extraordinary service. An ample variety of coffee products including, gourmet coffees, latte, cappuccino, espresso, and iced coffee, will be offered at The Orange Cup. In addition, The Orange Cup will recommend juice, pop, and bottled water, hot cocoa, hot cider, and tea.

The marking plan for The Orange Cup is to attract students and staff to the coffeehouse to continue in a relaxed atmosphere, or for those customers with excited schedules, the expediency of our products.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Urban-suburban bus line is usually categorized as public transit, particularly for large metropolitan transit networks. Usually these routes cover a moderately long distance compared to most transit bus routes, but still short — frequently 40 miles in one direction. An urban-suburban bus line normally connects a suburban area to the downtown core.
The bus can be amazing as easy as a mere refitted school bus (which sometimes already have overhead storage racks), or a standard transit bus customized to have some of the functionality of an interstate coach. The example shown here has the same extent as a standard transit bus, but with one door and air conditioning. It provides accommodations for the disabled (through a lift at the front), and thus have a few high-back seats, usually in the front, that can be folded up for wheelchairs. The rest of the seats are recline upholstered seats and have person lights and overhead storage bins. Because it is a traveler bus, it has some (but not much) standing rooms, stop-request devices, and a farebox. This model also has a bike rack at the front to house two bicycles. Some lines use a full-size throughway coach with on board toilet, such as the "TrainBus" service of West Coast Express.